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If you don't know,Cryptocurrency is the next big thing, and as such, I am a member of Steemit.com And on Steemit is a group of dedicated musicians, producers, dj's, rappers and supporters of other like minded individuals world wide. If you haven't had the chance check out Steemit.com! Come join us, and discover a wide world of music on Steemit. And check out the SMA too!

Hi :-) And welcome! My guess is that your first question is going to be, wassup wit that name you got goin on? Well long story short, I got that name from when I was riding that 420 Train... and everyone would ask me if I Twisted One up yet! And yes.. I am a bit Twysted FYI! So there ya go, the mystery has been revealed LOL!


And a little bit about myself, I am a Father, a Veteran, a Tattoo Artist, and a Musician and Producer. I've been playing music since I was the age of 6, starting with the piano, and my Mom's organs. I am pretty much self taught and really enjoy making music. I am a Heavy Metal Bass and Guitar Player, along with the piano and keyboards. And all things electronically related to making music. I started with Fruity Loops when it was still an infant at version 2. And have been at it on and off since then, although I have moved on from the FL.